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Гироскутер Ninebot Mini (черный)
Гироскутер Ninebot Mini (черный)
Гироскутер Ninebot Mini (черный)
Гироскутер Ninebot Mini (черный)

Гироскутер Ninebot Mini (черный)

39900 руб.
32410 руб.
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  • электросамокат производства Xiaomi Ninebot
  • для взрослых
  • максимальная скорость 16 км/ч
  • 22 км без подзарядки
  • мощность двигателя 700 Вт
  • 12.8 кг

Top speed:About 16km / h
Maximum torque:Machine 35Nm * 2
Motor power:350W x 2
Instantaneous maximum power:2100W
Motor Control:Sinusoidal vector control, current + speed closed-loop control algorithm

Maximum gradeability:About 15 °
Applicable Terrain:Hardening of the road, flat road dirt, below 15 degrees ramp, the step of not more than 1cm, and
a channel width of no more than 3cm
Chassis height:Ground clearance is greater than 80mm
waterproof level:IP54 (life waterproof, can be used in the rain)
Energy Systems
Energy structure:30 18650 high-power lithium battery cell imports
driven distance:Approximately 22km Typical battery life means: full power, 70kg load, ambient temperature 25 ° C, with 15km / h average speed on a flat road with the measured
Chargers Power Rating:70W
Rated input voltage:100-240VAC?50/60Hz
Rated output voltage:About 63VDC
Charging time:About 4 hours
Intelligent BMS:Overvoltage / undervoltage / short / overheat protection, automatic sleep / wake, battery status can be detected through App
Standard power consumption:One hundred kilometers consumption 1.1kW · H
Brake damping
Braking distance:Dry 3.4 m
Brake:Somatosensory motor absorbing braking energy recovery
Damping mechanisms:High elastic magnesium alloy body vibration damping mats +
Materials:Magnesium alloy high elastic frame
Brake:Somatosensory motor absorbing braking energy recovery, only 3.4 meters braking distance
Tires:10.5 inches low pressure vacuum rubber tires
Hub:6 inches magnesium alloy light-alloy wheels
Lighting system
Inclusive of each car:
  • Ambient light sensor type LED headlights
  • Auto-sensing LED taillight / turn
  • Bluetooth indicator
  • Battery indicator
Intelligent Systems
Intelligent adaptive learning algorithm:According to user weight and lasted driving habits, automatically optimizes output power, steering sensitivity and safety
protection limits and other parameters, and gradually adapt to the user driving style
Mobile APP:Dashboard, automatic fault diagnosis, remote drive, firmware upgrades, personalized settings
Intelligent safety warning:Overload, power overload, overheating, driving too heavy, slippery and dangerous situation under automatic buzzer alarm, the body back to prompt deceleration and inspection
Novice interactive teaching:Intelligent Assistant novice interactively complete basic courses teaching safe driving
Cycling requirements
Novice Mode:There, the new car after driving 1km before the cumulative need automatic discharge, after re-entering the novice mode available App
Suitable age:16-50 years old
Applicable Height:120-200cm
Maximum load:85kg
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